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Access Control


International Electronics
’ (IEI’s) Max 3 starts as a single–door access control system. Plug–in Door Control Modules allow the system to expand as requirements grow. It supports Wiegand and the complete line of IEI system keypads and readers. Max 3 backplane provides expansion for three Door Control Modules, totaling four modules per can. It can also be combined with other Max 3 panels to control up to 64 doors. Hub Manager Professional software included. 


  IEI's Prox Pad Plus is a fully integrated, PC–managed single door access system with a standalone proximity reader and keypad. Enhanced system functionality is achieved with (included) Hub Manager Professional software, which provides easy–to–create reports and step–by–step, wizard–assisted expanded feature functionality to manage people and doors. A higher level of security is achieved by requiring the use of both the proximity reader and keypad together to grant access. Utilized with the Max product line this can be expanded out to 64 doors.

The system can be used either with codes or key fobs assigned to individual staff or residents so you can regulate who uses what doors at what times. The system also logs who used what doors at what times so you have a running history in the event that something does happen in your building.


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