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Monitoring the activities in and around your community can give both your residents and your staff the feeling of a safe environment. We can custom design a camera system for both the interior and exterior parts of your building to help monitor the property. Using the latest technology from leading manufactures we can help you protect your residents both day and night.

By partnering with companies Flir we can provide your facility with a hi-tech CCTV system that will give you the ability to expand without having to completely revamp a system. ESL Distributing has the ability to bring state of the art technology to your facility at low cost prices.


Cameras both out in the open and hidden around your building will help you monitor the events going on. Whether you know of a problem or want to prevent something from happening we can provide you with the proper equipment to accomplish the task at hand.

Camera systems can be both complex and simple but this graphic gives you an idea of some of the technology we can provide you with and how it connects with each other

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