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Computer Networking

    Here at ESL Distributing, LLC we can provide you with high speed networks for your community. Both Wireless and Hardwired networks are available.  We will design the most secure and reliable networking that fits both your needs and your wants. Our networks have been installed from New Hampshire To California for both large scale multi building installations to small one building installations. The wireless network can be utilized by both your staff and your residents. As technology needs are growing in the senior living market it is key to stay up to date. More and more people entering into the retirement communities are looking for high speed wireless internet to be available to both themselves and there families. With our networks you can offer this to them as well as utilize it for business data and wireless communications. We can seperate the networks to secure your business information. 

    With our TEAM products from Motorola Solutions you can have a wireless communications platform that allows for a TEAM Smart phone to be on your network that communicates through the Wireless LAN. Also we offer the TEAM EWB100 Wireless Badge that works as a two way radio on the Wireless LAN and communicates with the TEAM Smart Phone. 

For more information on these great products or to schedule a visit by one of our Motorola Solutions Certified Sales Representatives Contact us by clicking here or by emailing sales@esldistributing.com

Traditional Hardwired Networks

We strive to create a network that meets the needs of our customers. From large to small we can impliment a network that works for you. Whether its 2 computers to 200. 1 building or 50 buildings we can put together a network that will be fast, reliable, and secure.

Contact one of our sales representatives to schedule a site visit.

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