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    Striving to meet the technology needs of our many customers we at ESL Distributing LLC have partnered with Extreme to provide our customers with cutting edge Wireless LAN solutions. As the need for delivering fast reliable information in retirement communities  and the health care industry grows and the need for electronic health records arises our customers require the best possible wireless networking.  Extreme Networks is a leader in wireless solutions from the network infrastructure to mobile computers to two way communications over the wireless LAN.  With all of these products in our portfolio we at ESL Distributing LLC feel that we capable of meeting the needs of our customers.  Take a look at some of the products that we are offering and contact us with any questions you may have.


Extreme Networks

Always On Secure Networking

The RFS 4000 offers multiple features that ensure reliability and survivability of branch networking services in virtually any situation. The RFS 4000 protects against access point and mesh node failure with SMART RF, a feature that keeps users on-Net with automatic optimization and healing. WiNG clustering mechanism protects against wireless switch failure and offers Active/Active or Active/Standby controller redundancy options. In the event of a WAN outage, a 3G ExpressCard guarantees Internet services by providing WAN backhaul options

Wing Access point 8432

Do More Today. Add the Internet of Things Tomorrow with a True 802.11ac Access Point.

Imagine what your business could do with a wireless network up to eight times wider and faster. Now picture having a WLAN that pushes contextual offers to customers, provides strategic-shaping analytics, and automatically wards off interference and security risks. As if that isn’t enough, the unmatched benefits of the ExtremeWireless WiNG AP 8432 don’t stop there. With built-in PoE Out (Power over Ethernet), it connects with any third-party Internet of Things network. Connect IP video cameras to count customers and reduce shrinkages; add wireless temperature sensors and more. All this can be achieved without the cost and complexity of competitor alternatives, which require multiple access points, cables, and Ethernet switch ports.

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